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Monday First - eXtra eXtra Larger than Life

Three overweight friends, in their early thirties find themselves unable to comply with today's standards of beauty and competence. Thinking that losing weight will change all that, they decide to lose weight and start anew. As all good things need a solid starting point, theirs will be the eternal Monday the first of the month, a date of celestial convergence in the calendar before which you can still indulge yourself just a little bit.
If they will eventually arrive in "THE LAND OF THE SUCCESFULL AND THE FIT" and if that's what they really wanted remains to be seen.
From the makers of many wonderful things, nobody has ever heard of, comes a story of
Love, Wisdom and Understanding.


Monday First - Epic Trailer

Monday First - The Alignment Of The Stars - 6th Scene - Bad Money

Monday First - The Alignment Of The Stars - 2nd Scene - The Sign

Monday First - The Alignment Of Stars - First Scene - Reliable Sources